Why Choose Ayava Staffing?

The simple answer is we have more than just traditional recruiting, we have Application Generation. This tool provides you the same great candidates you would get when hiring a head hunter and paying up to 30% fees of a candidate’s annual salary. You can pay via check or credit card; which most staffing companies do not allow.

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No matter what your needs are…we have a fit for you at Ayava Staffing.

  • “We need more resumes to review, but can’t pay a 15% recruiters fee. Help!”
  • “I have an approved budget to bring on an addition perm person to the team.”
  • “I need someone to help out short term only.”
  • “I want to bring someone on contract to possible hire.”
  •  “Our HR dept. needs some extra help with a recruiter and a benefits expert.”
  • “We need to hire 300 people in a few months for our new facility.”

We are proud of our quality, process, prices and response time.

  • We deliver quality candidates in a VIP way.
  • We will listen and send you what you asked for, nothing else.
  • We have been in the recruiting business for over 20 years.
  • We value our integrity.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We will deliver.
  • We understand the since of urgency along with keeping the quality high.
  • We work with tight budgets and time constraints.
  • We staff in all states and cities in the U.S.
  • We staff in perm and contract.
  • We have been staffing in IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Construction, Architecture and much more. You name it.
  • Our customers love us.
  • Our candidates love us for always getting back to them and treating them with respect.
  • We understand the market, job roles, salary and this industry.
  • We have heavy experience staffing in large call center ramps for sales, licensed insurance agents, help desk, and customer service.
  • You can call, email or text us 24/7 and we will not let you down.