Kelly Gowan
Kelly GowanRecruiter Expert

As most people this time of year, I have been busy making some New Year’s Resolutions. Below a list of my New Year’s Resolutions I shared with my family and friends.

  1. Be kind to everyone
  2. Do anonymous acts of love for those in need of a smile
  3. Be outside even more
  4. Paint even more
  5. Golf more
  6. More date nights
  7. Visit friends more
  8. Go to church more
  9. Exercise way more
  10. Worry less
  11. Pray more

There are some common ones on this list I am sure. The general idea of this list is how to make a better version of yourself.

In the spirit of making New Year’s Resolutions, I’d like to start a new list for not only myself personally, but also professionally.  After all, I meet thousands of people every week, why not improve each day for myself and my interaction with others.

Before you sit down to make New Year’s Resolutions, you need to do some self-reflection. Where did I fall short this past year? Or where did I do very well? For anyone in a professional environment, I think we can all agree that it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of things. So to me improving prioritizing should be on the Professional New Year’s Resolution List. If you tackle your day thinking you have to respond to every single message that comes to you simultaneously, you may never get to the critical task at hand.  You may have some strategic goals that you need to meet, but how can you meet them if you are constantly in urgent response mode, and going down rabbit holes ultimately distracting you from your top priorities. (You know that 2017 Goal list your boss had you create.) Maybe a few less emails and shorter conference calls, could help us achieve more top priority deadlines.  The idea to a successful day is to work smart and think fast. In doing this you must also maintain the quality of your work. For example, utilizing Ayava’s Application Generation service would absolutely help a company prioritize their valuable time. They can outsource finding the candidates quick, easy, and affordable so that they can focus on the other responsibilities they have, such as growing the business.

This gives us our first two Professional New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. Prioritize our work better
  2. Less emails, shorter conference calls

From a recruiter’s standpoint, I think it should always be a goal to be more courteous than you already were to each candidate. Sure you might have good conversations with candidates all day long, about their jobs, understanding why they are a fit for this job, personal stories, where they want to go with their career…but did you leave time to respond to the 50 other people that emailed you about a job that you posted and they took the time to apply and respond to you about?  I think it should be more than an automated “thank you we received your application” message, I think instead it should also let them know if they are being considered by the recruiter after being reviewed, are they being submitted, if they got to interview..what is the feedback from the hiring manager, was the job filled with someone else? I think in the end,  every applicant deserves to know when this potential job that they responded to and were interested in has indeed been filled.

I have always believed in responding to all my candidates and following this process, but my goal in 2017 is to truly follow through with each person.

So now we have our 3rd Professional New Year’s Resolution

  1. Communicate / or a better way to say it…be courteous

Another important New Year’s Resolution that was on my personal list and can transfer to my professional list is “be kind to others”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work with a staffing company that not only talked to candidates who were looking for jobs, but also took the time to advise those candidates on how to go about their job search, gave them resume and interview tips, etc. Ayava believes in paying it forward.  If we don’t have the right job for you, we want to help encourage you on how to find it.

Moving along, focusing on family is not really a Professional New Year’s Resolution, however I think it is an important one for all of us in this life.  To achieve that you need to spend less time at the office and more time at home. This means you must work smart. Prioritize.  If you know you have 10 other deadlines, and you can’t get around to posting a job, going through hundreds of resumes, screening candidate, scheduling interviews..then why in the world would you not use Ayava Staffing? It is so affordable and most importantly effective.  Take a look at our current price structure.

2K per opening

3 openings for 5K

5 openings for 7K

10 openings for 12K

20 openings for 20K

40 openings for 32K

This allows companies to bring in great candidates resumes and Q & A’s.  Our Q & A ‘s are written and tailored to the job description so that we can screen out candidates that are not a fit; thus sending only truly qualified candidates.  This is our team, personally reading every resume and screening the candidates.  For this low fee hiring managers will start to receive resumes of candidates we have screened in their inbox.  They can call them at their leisure, and we can help schedule if they like.

Last but not least #4 Follow Through.  I have met a lot people through my 20 years of staffing.  Drank a lot of Starbucks, seen too many conference rooms and been on the phone enough that I should invest stock.  I hear a lot of people with great ideas, tons of excitement, how they can do things better, or where they are going to go in their own company or career, but later I realize they were a talker not a doer. I am a doer not a talker.  I think it is something that each person should think about.  Which one are you? A Doer or a talker? Do you have a ton of ideas..maybe too many, but don’t get to follow through? Pick one and really focus on making your goals and dreams come true. One at a time.

For the sake of a shorter article…these are my top 4 Professional New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Prioritize our work better
  2. Less emails, shorter conference calls
  3. Communicate / or a better way to say it…be courteous
  4. Follow Through/ Are you a Doer or a Talker

I challenge you..if you have not already made your New Year’s Resolutions, or if you have never even done this is the time to do it. Be a better version of yourself every year. Not just in your personal life, but in your professional life as well.   I’d love to hear from you on what your suggestions are for the new Professional New Year’s Resolutions for 2017!