Kelly Gowan
Kelly GowanRecruiter Expert

I am excited to share my new website and first blog with you.  Being that my husband, Bo Gowan, does blogging and social media for a living, you would think I could have caught on faster, but never the less, I am here now and excited about it.

Our new website has been under development for quite some time due to life and schedules, but I think it was worth the wait! Thanks to the team at Leuzinger Design, we have a whole new look at Ayava Staffing.  This includes a few new features too!  We can now offer clients an option to pay securely online with a credit card. This is a rare option with recruiting agencies and great for smaller companies with tight budgets or companies who need quick help without the hassle of going through the PO process.

But it’s more than just a website redesign that has me writing today. I am most excited about a new service we have been testing very successfully with some of our clients, called Application Generation. Application Generation is truly a unique model for staffing, and it provides the answer to “Why the recruiting outsourcing model is broken”. I’ll have more about that in a future post.

In the spirit of a first blog post, I think a brief intro might be nice. For those of you that don’t know my history and Ayava Staffing’s origin, I have been a recruiter and account manager since 1998. I learned the old-school ways…Dallas Business Journal and a phone. Those were some intense recruiting days. I felt strongly back then, as I still do now, that companies were ultimately paying too much for subpar assistance from staffing companies.

I knew I that I could offer a better-quality service at a better price and feel good about it…doing things my way. So, in 2005, Ayava Staffing Professionals was born and away we went. We jumped right into the swing of things by placing IT contractors, making senior executive perm placements and staffing huge call centers with licensed insurance agents, customer service agents and sales staff.

Through the years, my goal has been the same… to give companies the best recruiting service, along with providing the best candidates at affordable prices.  We have been offering this for 11 years strong.

I look forward to sharing thoughts and advice, industry news and Ayava’s goals with you in blogs to come.

I’d also love YOUR feedback and input on improving our website, your thoughts on recruiters and how we can better serve both candidates and employers, or any other topics you’d like to discuss other than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.